3 Tools To Make Your CPA Exam Studying More Productive

Here are three tools that can make your CPA exam study time more productive:

CPA Exam Studying
CPA Exam

1. Silicon earplugs. You can buy them at any pharmacy. Make sure you buy silicone earplugs and not the cheap foam earplugs. The earplugs can be used for both study and sleep. Many CPA candidates have young families and the most productive way to block out the noise is with earplugs. It is far less distracting than listening to music on your headphones.  In addition, the earplugs are inconspicuous and you can use them at coffee shops or the library.

2. Small personal blender. Let’s face it the first thing to go when you are in cram study mode is your diet. Pizza replaces fruits, vegetables and nuts. However, if you have a small personal blender you can mix up some fruits and vegetables in the morning and ensure that your diet remains healthy throughout your study period.

3. Foam roller or massage ball. Long days at the office mixed with long hours of studying means that your body is going to develop aches and pains. Specifically, you will most likely develop a knot or triggerpoint in your neck and upper back. Since most students don’t have the money to pay for an expensive massage you can use a hard massage ball. You roll the ball on a wall.

In addition, you can do some stretching exercises for the neck and upper back.