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About Us

CPA Army was started in 2008 by a group of four CPA students that were struggling to pass the CPA exam. We were frustrated at the high cost of all CPA review products and upset that we had to add thousands of dollars to our crushing student debts.

We were using different test prep providers and we pooled our resources to create study notes that were about 1/15 of all the material we reviewed. We wanted to focus on only the most important content and our summary notes were essential for passing all four sections on the first attempt. Shortly afterwards, all of our friends and acquaintances wanted our summary notes. At first we gladly handed out our notes for free. After a few months, we decided to create an affordable one stop resource for helping people pass the CPA exam. CPA Army was born!

Over the last twelve years we have been committed to providing CPA students with the same high quality products that we used back in 2008. We always remind ourselves of how we felt with student debt anxieties and few job prospects during the recession in 2009. That is why we always strive to price our products at prices that are half of our competition and we have always provided a money back guarantee.

Our Mission

To provide high quality and affordable CPA study material to students around the world. 

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Popular Questions

01. Can I get a refund if I don’t like the CPA Study Package?

Yes. We offer a full money back guarantee. Please send an email to admin@cpaarmy.com and we’ll process the refund for you.

02. I can’t open the folder on the download page?

Once you are at our download page, the CPA Study Package will be zipped or condensed in order to make it easier to download to your computer. After you open the file you see several PDF files.

03. Is the product mailed to me as a physical book?

No, our study package is electronic and you will receive several PDF files that you will save to your computer. We do not offer shipping of our product.

04. Can I use the product on my smart phone or tablet computer?

Yes. You will need some type of PDF software to open our files. Most people have Adobe installed on their tablet/smartphone which makes it easy to view our product on any device.

05. What happens if I don’t pass the CPA Exam?

If you fail a section of the CPA exam, you are entitled to free updates of our material until you pass.

06. Who created the CPA Study Package?

The CPA Study Package was created by a group of four individuals who recently became certified accountants.  They realized that condensed notes, flash cards and practice exams were missing from most large CPA Review providers.