Last Updated: August 14, 2019

The CPA exam is broken into 4 exams that must be passed with a 75 in each section.  Each section must be completed and passed within an 18-month period.  For example if you completed your first exam on June 1, 2018 you would have until January 1, 2020 to complete the last section of the exam. However, your effective date would be November 30, 2019 because January is a blackout month.

There are many methods of study for the CPA exam; most popular is the CPA exam review course.

Any of the many CPA exam review courses that are available should offer a CPA practice exam  or a test bank of practice exam questions.

If you are looking for supplemental CPA practice test questions, there are a few places that you can find them.

Wiley Software

Wiley software is most often used as a supplement with other programs.  Wiley is most known for their test bank software, which includes 6,000 practice questions.  There are also 200 task based simulations. Taking and passing a CPA practice exam often before taking the exam is a great way to strengthen your test taking abilities, as well as helping with your memory retention of the material you have studied. The test bank costs about $600 for all four sections is the best seller among all the Wiley products.

This is a helpful website that offers both paid and free MCQ’s. You can get access to 4200 hundred questions for $37/mo. Alternatively, you can access 1000 questions for free.

CPA Army offers a free CPA practice exam in each section on their website homepage.  The total test bank is over 3,000 multiple choice questions. It is a third of the price of the Wiley test bank. They also offer a terrific study package which includes study notes, CPA practice exams and flashcards.

Whichever CPA review course you choose, the more CPA practice tests that you take, and the more exam questions you can rehearse and feel confident with, the better you will do on your actual CPA exam.  The CPA exam is a daunting task, and it is taxing, but with the right study materials, it can be done, and you can pass the CPA exam on your first attempt.