Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the CPA Study Package? 

Yes. We offer a full money back guarantee. Please send an email to admin@cpaarmy.com and we’ll process the refund for you.

I can’t open the folder on the download page? 

Once you are at our download page, the CPA Study Package will be zipped or condensed in order to make it easier to download to your computer. You can download an unzip software that will open the file. After you open the file you see several PDF files.

Is the product mailed to me as a physical book? 

No, our study package is electronic and you will receive several PDF files that you will save to your computer. We do not offer shipping of our product.

Can I use the product on my smart phone or tablet computer? 

Yes. You will need some type of PDF software to open our files. Most people have Adobe installed on their tablet/smartphone which makes it easy to view our product on any device.

What happens if I don’t pass the CPA Exam? 

If you fail a section of the CPA exam, you are entitled to free updates of our material until you pass.

Who created the CPA Study Package? 

The CPA Study Package was created by a group of four individuals who recently became certified accountants.  They realized that condensed notes, flash cards and practice exams were missing from most large CPA Review providers.

Is your product a substitute for a CPA Review Course?

No, our CPA Study Package should be used as a supplement. Most candidates take a CPA Review Course and then use our study materials in the last month before the exam.

Is the CPA Study Package up to date? 

Yes. We review AICPA press releases daily. We are constantly monitoring any changes to the CPA exam.

Do you include any information on Written Communication or Simulations.

No we do not have any study material for WC or SIM. We also do not have any sample questions for Document Review Simulation (2017).