AICPA released some new sample CPA exams for all four sections.

This is useful if you want to get some practice with task based simulations.

Each sample test has five testlets with 10 MCQs and 6 TBSs, except BEC, which has 10 MCQs, 3 TBSs and 2 WCTs. Of course, this is much shorter than the actual CPA exam.

Visit the website and enter the launch code that they provide you. You can also click to see the right answers immediately.

Similar to the actual exam, you will see the time remaining in the top left corner.

You must click “Submit Testlet” to advance to the next section of the exam.

Sample Task Simulation From AICPA

The most valuable component of these newly released sample questions from AICPA are the task simulations. You can see what it looks like in the image above.

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