What To Make of the Deloitte Crypto Deal

Yesterday Deloitte announced that they have partnered with Avalanche token (AVAK) to build more efficient disaster relief platforms.

The news sent the value of AVAX skyrocketing as investors and people in the accounting profession try to make sense of the deal.

The Close As You Go platform leverages the Avalanche blockchain to improve security, speed and accuracy of Federal Emergency Management Agency funding, according to a post from Ava Labs, and will help state and local government officials simplify and streamline disaster reimbursement applications.

As everyone knows, Deloitte services 90% of Fortune 500 companies and people are wondering whether this blockchain could be used for some of their clients. Perhaps it is just a small test run that Deloitte is running.

It should be noted that AVAX is viewed as a green platform in terms of carbon omissions. Reportedly, this was a large part of their decision making process.

The details were rather scarce leading me to speculate that this is more of a pilot project.