CPA Exam Questions Released by AICPA!

AICPA released 140 new CPA practice questions. The questions will be available as a PDF download from October 1-December 1, 2019. If you missed the download deadline, please email me and I’ll send you the PDF of the questions.

The breakdown of the CPA Exam Questions released by AICPA is as follows:

AUD: 40 Multiple Choice Questions

BEC: 25 Multiple Choice Questions

FAR: 50 Multiple Choice Questions

REG: 25 Multiple Choice Questions

The CPA Exam Questions released by AICPA are former questions from actual exams. I would estimate that the questions are almost ten years old. Keep that in mind when you practice with these questions.

I also find that AICPA tends to release their easier questions. You will find some basic memorization questions that do not require a lot of time to figure out. The real exam has more problem solving type of questions.

AICPA is also highlighting the fact that the questions might be outdated. That is one of the reasons AICPA is only releasing the for a limited time frame.

This batch of CPA Exam Questions released by AICPA does NOT include any SIM’s. Of course, since 2017 SIM’s are of paramount importance and most CPA students have been scrambling to find a reliable and helpful source of SIM questions. In May 2019, AICPA released both SIM’s and MCQ’s.

The questions give you an idea of how AICPA likes to format questions. The 140 questions do not include detailed answers. For this, you would need to purchase some of our CPA questions. In the coming months, we will add detailed answers and modify these AICPA questions to further add to our extensive question bank. Currently, our pool of questions is at almost 6,000 questions and we are gearing up to add another one thousand questions before the end of the year.