CPA Exam Results

With so many CPA exam changes taking place in January 2011, the score release process has been delayed a bit.  CPA candidates anxiously await their CPA exam results, as the AICPA is working hard to get them graded.  The content of the CPA exam has undergone many changes, and there have also been significant changes to the scoring process.  Due to all the changes, the exams require considerable psychometric analysis of CPA candidates’ performance, as well as exam questions.  The data is collected for use in the scoring process, and by the end of 2012, the CPA exam results will be available in a timelier fashion.

Until this last testing window in 2011, the CPA exam results are not released until the end of the testing window.  This means, if you take your exam at the beginning of the testing window, you have to wait more than the full 2 months to get your CPA exam results.  This has been somewhat frustrating for CPA candidates that would like to know whether they can move on, or begin studying the same subject over again for a retake.  By the last testing window of 2011, CPA exam results should be available more frequently, and sooner after the exam was taken.

Grading your CPA exam

CPA exams are graded electronically and also by human graders.  Most questions are graded electronically, while the written communication section of the exam is graded by a person.  If you request the AICPA to review your grade, if there seems to be a mistake, the AICPA will do that if you submit a formal request for a review.  In all cases I am aware of, this does not come out to be a fruitful decision on your end, as the AICPA is very hesitant to recant a grade previously given.  After receiving your CPA exam results, your time and efforts are better spent studying for the exam during the next testing window.

CPA Score Release

Scores are sent from AICPA to NASBA after each testing window has been completed.  NASBA will then send those scores to each Board of Accountancy for the score distribution after that.  This is done within a week of receiving the CPA exam results.  Passing scores are determined by a culmination between the exam given and the grading.  A passing score of 75 on each section of the CPA exam is required in order to qualify to receive your CPA license.