CPA Salaries

CPA Salaries

According to, the salary for Licensed CPAs is between $39,836-$97,322.  There is a pretty big gap between the higher paid CPAs and the lowest, entry level positions.  This figure takes into account CPA salaries, bonus, profit sharing and commission.  Here are some of the popular employers in the CPA field and the salaries they offer:

Ernst and Young LLP

$46,402 – $97,437


$45,171 – $120,129


$47,139 – 89,168

CPA Salaries also depend on the industry within the field that you are working in, according to  Here are a few of the popular industries and the median salaries in those fields.

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services

$39,761 – $86,851

Public Accounting

$40,561 – $84,560

Accounting/Auditing Firm

$40,262 – $91,028

Tax and Audit Services

$40,506 – 82,570

Financial Services

$41,093 – $96,082

40% of all CPAs have 1-4 years of experience, while only 12% have 20 or more years in the field.

Salaries for all jobs vary depending on which stat you are in and your field.  New York, New York reports the highest median CPA salaries at $62,702.  Chicago, Illinois is also among the top, with a median salary of $62,204.  Atlanta, Georgia reports a median salary for Licensed Public Accountants at $59,578.

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