How Many Tests Can You Write in One Window?

A lot of students want to pass the CPA exam as quickly as possible. It makes sense. I compare it to flying on a long plane ride. Do you want to break up 4 ten hour flights or would you rather 1 tortuous 40 hour flight (I know it’s not possible)?  Personally, I come from the school of thought of “get it over with a.s.ap.”

I think the most ambitious study schedule involves 3 tests in one testing window. This is possible if you are not working a full time job or have other obligations.

Let’s take a hypothetical example of someone graduating from college and having the whole summer to study.

In this case, you could take the FAR exam and study for 5-6 wks full time.  You could then take the AUD exam and study full time for 4-5 weeks.  Finally, you could study for the BEC exam for 3-4 weeks full time and pass.  Thus, before Labor Day weekend, you have passed three sections of the CPA exam.

With an ambitious study plan you can fail one of the sections yet still pass the exam within the year.

Although the most logical breakdown is to write two tests in each window, the ambitious study plan has a number of advantages for graduating students without full time employment.