CPA Test Changes in 2020

A lot of students have asked about CPA test changes due to the pandemic. Many students assumed that the Prometric testing facilities were closed. This is in fact not the case. Many facilities opened on May 1, 2020.

You should first view the Prometric list of open facilities. Alternatively, you can view the list of closed facilities. If you have an appointment booked and your test center unexpectedly closes, you will receive an email notification.

Another CPA test change is that NASBA has been encouraging students to file their NTS well ahead of time as there has been a backlog of at least four weeks. The NASBA staff have been working from home and it has been far more challenging to obtain college transcripts to complete an application.

You will be required to wear a mask for the entire four hours. I find that the lighter medical masks similar to what dentists use is more comfortable for a long time period than a cotton re-usable mask. However, this is a matter of preference. If you go the cloth route, it is a smart investment to make the mask fit your face. You do not want it too tight. You can easily create a thin, custom, cloth mask for the purpose of writing the exam.

You should do practice exams while wearing a mask just to get accustomed to the inconvenience. For some, breathing is an issue while wearing a mask and you want to make sure that you are getting enough oxygen during the test.

You will also find that you have the option to wear gloves during the exam. Most students do not opt for this option as it is uncomfortable.

Of course, like any public spaces you are not to enter the facility if you are experiencing any Covid symptoms such as a fever.

You will most likely find that the testing facility is at about 25% capacity. The limitations are often imposed by the State or local government. This is similar to small retail shops only allowing six customers at a time.

You also want to double check if your testing facility will allow food and water breaks. Some facilities have eliminated the use of lockers and subsequently food/water breaks have been eliminated. Other facilities have been disinfecting day use lockers and continue to allow water breaks.

These are the most important changes to the CPA test taking process during the pandemic.